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Welcome to StithWorks, 

please wipe your feet and feel free to explore.


About Us

StithWorks is a Black-owned creative consultancy group based in Washington, DC. We have more than a decade of experience providing bespoke creative assets for NGO's, unions, government elected officials, universities, and other businesses.

We provide branding, digital marketing and social media assets as well as creative copy and collateral. StithWorks is a full service shop with many tricks up our sleeves and you will find out more when you contact us. All inquiries, big or small, receive StithWorks' dedicated service and attention.

Past Clients


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Our Mission

Our Motto

At StithWorks we like to use the three "T"s:

  • Transparency - We strive to build clear paths of communication in order to achieve our clients' goals.

  • Tangibility -  StithWorks transforms hurdles into launch pads for exploration. We deliver concrete solutions for even the most nebulous tasks.

  • Traction - Our work sticks. The best way to develop long-lasting relationships with your target audience is to build a consistent aesthetic. Let StithWorks put some paint where it ain't and make your project shine.

Selected Work

Selected Work
About Kris

About Kris


Kris is an interdisciplinary designer based in Washington, DC who has been providing creative solutions for the DMV area and beyond for more than 10 years. In between projects Kris enjoys manga, eating and preparing exquisite food, MMA, comedy and anything but banal country music. He also has a twin brother, Keagoé.

Leadership + Growth + Understanding

  • Negotiated contracts with institutions and vendors

  • Managed multiple vendor relationships on diverse projects

  • Oversaw content creation on varying media campaigns

  • Researched, developed and implemented strategies to reach a multitude of targets

  • Explored new pathways to expand organizational reach and engagement to present to senior staff

  • Increased click-through rates and actions taken by clients' audiences 

Contact Us

Contact Us

 At StithWorks we aspire to deliver quality solutions for even the most nebulous asks. With a focus on tangibility, transparency, and traction we work so your campaign looks great but is also effectiveIf you wish to reach out click here or click the button below.

StithWorks is actively seeking new clients and is always game to engage in new challengesThank you for visiting and don't be a stranger.

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