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NAACP - Vote Our Lives Depend On It

"Vote! Our Lives Depend On It" (VOLDOI) was the NAACP's Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign. The impetus VOLDOI was the death of George Floyd and the rising tide of civil unrest from communities of color. In the face of apathy the NAACP chose empathy and looked to galvanize a new activist base to affect change politically. 
Kris was tapped to help brand the "Vote! Our Live Depend On It" campaign because of his work on I AM 2018. He provided creative direction, key art, and content for social media for the Homecoming event. Kris provided the NAACP's communications and civic engagement team with a full suite of digital assets including logos, fonts, keywords, merchandise, and art direction to support VOLDOI's national impact. 
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