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Mr. and Mrs. FAMU 2018.

NAACP - Homecoming

"Homecoming" was NAACP's Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Kick-off event for their "Black the Vote!" campaign. During the global shutdown of 2020, institutions had to get creative with their digital organizing strategies and when you're in a bind, Kris is always top of mind. 
NAACP was already working with Kris on their "Vote! Our Live Depend On It" initiative and brought him on to provide creative direction, key art, and content for social media for the Homecoming event. Kris provided NAACP's communications team with a full suite of digital assets including logos, fonts, keywords, merchandise, and art direction to support the rollout of NAACP's GOTV kick-off. 
Homecoming was a success with over 150,000 attendees across Facebook, YouTube and other digital platforms. 
View the kick-off complete with appearances from Vice Pres. Kamala Harris, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Mannie Fresh, Anthony Hamilton, and many more here:
Pres. and CEO of the NAACP, Derrick Johnson.
Anthony Hamilton and his band performing during the  NAACP Homecoming event.
FAMU marching band performing during the  NAACP Homecoming event.
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